The Ten Commandments

Commandment #1

I believe that no matter what you believe we are not healthy emotionally as well as physically.

I purpose and will insist on that everyone will have to attend therapy sessions at least once a week, perhaps every day.

We need to understand why we have gangs and why we have guns to kill one another.

We have to understand why we are all over weight and how to correct the problem.

I will order the police department to carry out those functions.  If needed for each community I will hire more personal to complete the project.

In this way we will understand how we are.  We will be able to catch early sides of mental illness and we will be able to hopefully prevent it in most cases.

People will slowly begin to work with each other if they want to.

Once you understand yourself both physically and emotionally people will be healthier and they won’t get sick that often.  If they do get sick they will have other options rather than going to the emergency room like I do.

They will have more support for one another and this will provide better and more jobs.

By  fixing the emotional state of mind in this country will eventually make our country stronger.

To make our country stronger we have to understand who we are to begin with.

That would be my number one goal is health.

Commandment #2

Everyone wants the right to protect themselves.  However, no one wants to protect each other.  They all want guns to kill the bad guy when they don’t even know who the bad guy really is.

I am in favor of protecting yourself in the way you see fit.  After all your life is just as important as that other person’s life as well.

However, we have to understand why that person is trying to take your prize possessions in the first place.  Perhaps he or she is mentally disturbed, perhaps they just want food to survive.

No one wishes to die but given no choice you would be doing the same thing.

Stealing is wrong and you need to protect yourself at all costs however, we forgot the ten commandments, shall not kill.  That goes for everyone.

If we feel we have to have guns everyone has to be trained how to operate them,  if you can’t operate them with 100% efficiency you shouldn’t be allowed to have one and that should be a criminal offense which you can be jailed for.

If I we’re to become President and we decided that guns should be allowed which in most states they are then proper training has to be given.

Regular training would have to be given.  If you take the options that will be forced upon you the guns and ammunition would be provided for you.

If you can’t handle guns then we would train you with suitable means to defend yourselves.

Knives would be banded.

If you are not experienced with knives they will you do you more harm than good.

What people do not realize is that people who go into homes to steal are only looking for means to survive.

In many cases, they are making their living at it and are far more experienced in it than you are.

In many cases, you can’t win no matter what arsenal you have at your disposal because they will work in teams.

To beat the system there are better ways than individuals owning guns.

Neighborhood watches is the best way to go.  Then understand what the criminal really wants and why.

Not only do the Police departments need to get more involved with the neighborhoods.  The community needs to hold weekly meetings and conduct routine watches, within the meetings they need to discuss how they can improve the situation.

Guns and violence are not always the solution reasoning things out will very often solve the situation.

However, if logic doesn’t work then it’s everyone’s duty to protect themselves.

Killing is always a matter of last resort.

Commandment #3

Exercise is always best!!!!

This topic goes a lot deeper than what most people think.

Not only do people need proper diet but we need proper exercise.  If from the beginning of time humans had the proper diet and exercise perhaps we could have eliminated most of the handicapped people in the world.

There can’t be a perfect world however, taking care of our body’s is always a good start.

Many people if not most people, yes even including myself don’t know what a good diet is.  We are too busy working and we prefer to go to Wendy’s or McDonalds or all you can eat buffet rather than to do our own cooking.

I believe that if everyone could exercise and have a proper diet there would be no such thing as the poor.  Their minds would be just as active and intelligent as ours.

There was a Star Trek episode showing the same thing.  A race of people where so intelligent that they had a city in the clouds away from the poor working climate on the ground.

The cloud people we’re so smart they thought they didn’t have to dig like the cave people.

The cave people became so disturbed that they fought back.  They didn’t understand what was making them angry.  They didn’t understand why they couldn’t be as smart as the cloud people.

The enterprise came in without an opinion and saw the truth.  The cave people we’re breathing in fumes that weren’t allowing them to think clearly or the way they should.  Giving them masks so they could breathe pure air cured them.  They we’re soon able to function properly.

Captain Kirk showed the cloud people this by subjected himself and the leader of the cloud people how the gas effected minds.

Because of his experiment the cloud people learned the truth and the cave people were able to live on the clouds and the cloud people took turns digging in the caves.

When they worked together they found that they we’re stronger than before.

Sometimes it takes an outsider like myself to see the truth and to try to express it.

If we all exercise properly and eat a proper diet the results would be obviously less people becoming sick, less people being overweight and less mental illness or handicapped people.

Most people didn’t have a choice for mental illness why should we treat them like we’re better than them.

If we co-operate with them health insurance might be a thing of the past.

That would apply to my feelings of alcohol and any dangerous drugs including cigarettes however, marijuana seems to be a benefit more research would have to be conducted.

The main thing is if we are all given the proper food, training and exercise we would be all equal.  However, we seem to want to have superior strength over people.  It’s the only thing that makes most of us happy.

I will support physical exercise and proper diet.

Commandment #4

Our military is perhaps one of the finest in the world.  Our technology is perhaps the strongest in the world.

However, at the same time we are very selfish about it.  We are not willing to share our information with the world because we fear that we will not be able to use it properly.

There are several items I would like to see changed with our military and how we treat our soldiers.

Our soldiers go to defend our country and are willing to die for our country and for the most without recognition.  In fact most soldiers when they return home are given an id telling people that they have served.  We don’t remember them and we only honor the victims once a year and then we forget.  They don’t even get social security.

Most of us know better than to join the military just for that reason.  Most who join do it because they probably feel that they have no choice.  They do it because they hope it will make them a better person.

Then they go to places like ISIS and they go into battle many of them even though trained to kill will be killing for the first time.

Can anyone imagine what that might be like to kill another person because if they don’t they will kill them.

Does anyone know what it’s like to become a prisoner in those horrible conditions and to be tortured and to live with pain with no hope of rescue.  To know that this is probably the end.

My life isn’t one tenth that and I feel like I am living in hell because no one wishes to listen.  I can at least imagine what those soldiers must be feeling.

It’s no wonder when they come back home some of them crippled with no legs or arms that they can’t handle it and commit suicide.

How do we feel about them most of us soon forget and go about our normal life’s?

For those who fought for our country should be able to get whatever they want.  Those people should be representing us in politics not people like myself or the dishonest people we have in there now.  Those people should be President.

They have the experience and the courage to do so.

However, what do we do?  We sweep them under the carpet and forget about most of them.

If I am President I would make sure that everyone is remembered for what they did not just as a whole.

The next thing I oppose to the military is Top Secret information.  I realize that somethings should be confidential.

I believe that we might already be reaching for the stars, that we already have found alien life that is helping us.

It doesn’t make sense that we can come this far this fast in only a 100 years.

If a society just came out with laser’s, weapons so strong that they could destroy the world.  Technology like the cell phone or TV sets or 3d goggles right away I would think not.

What they would do is to start small and introduce something simple like a black and white tv set,  then color, then 3d, then like on Star Trek where you could actually step into a dream.  We started out slowly with the portable phones now we have phones that can do almost anything we can think of and supposedly we are learning all the time.

I suggest that what the military has would stagger the average person.  They have discovered things that we can’t even imagine.

I think in time I can show you that this is true.

If I was President I would do what I could with the military to come forward and at least tell us that we are not alone.

I want to honor our military and give them what they really deserve.  I want to end all war if possible but I obviously can’t do it alone

I want to end all secrets and I believe I understand how that can be done.   Are you willing to listen and do something about it?

Commandment #5

Changing our Police Department

We need to change how we operate as a whole.  We can no longer wait for crime to take place.  We need to get out and get involved with the neighborhood.  We are so afraid of each other and insecure that we can’t even ask for help

I used to belong to a chess club where anyone could come in a play chess with each other.  It was a lot of fun and everyone there became like family.  It was a place to go to unwind.  Eventually we started playing other games.  I was there for ten years before it finally shut down.  When that happen, I missed it greatly.  It was a very inexpensive place to spend a night out.

What I purpose for starters is that each town opens up several clubs like that are run by the police department.  Each officer would have to take turns operating it.  It would be a place for problem students who are stressed out with nowhere to turn.  They could go there to hang out to get to know the police officers personally.  Eventually hopefully to be there friends.

They will eventually learn trust and to be their companion and if they need support they can turn to them for help.

This way the teen agers will have other options instead of going to gangs.

In a way we have that already with the YMCA and other places that help needy family’s.



I am not saying a police officer’s life is an easy one.  They do try to get involved with the limitations of our regulations.  They risk their life’s every day and they die every day.  However, one of the reasons they are so hated is because they really don’t know how to protect.

If you want to be a crook these days, it’s very easy to do.  Banks have been ordered not to get involved if someone points a gun at the teller that they must do what they say.  We will catch them later.  That is probably correct however everyone now knows that and it’s encourages them to try.

Some criminals even want to get caught because they have no place else to go.

With the kinds of clubs I am talking about would put an end to some of that.

It has to be made easier to trust the police.

I support the Police but we have to find ways to work more with the community to stop crime before it happens.

If we try to comply with my ten commandments each one interacts with each other.

Commandment #6


This should be our number one goal.  I am deeply ashamed of our country because everyone thinks that they are better than one another.  It has to be their idea or I am not interested in it.  That is how congress has been operating from the beginning.  A President is just a pawn and it takes a brave person to realize this to be true.

I believe the wealthiest people in the Country are the poor people in this Country.  They are the wealthiest because for them to survive they have to work with each other and support each other.  They have no cell phones for communication, no tv sets for entertainment, most don’t even have a roof over their heads and they are too proud to ask for help.

These people should be honored however we sweep them under the carpet and tell them to get out of the way.

I think that this is crueler than ISIS and we don’t even realize it.

We didn’t have the right or choice to be born.  We didn’t have the choice to be born sick or in a wheel chair.

We didn’t have a choice to be wealthy.  The real wealth in this country was handed down from generations.

That is basically the only way to get wealthy.  The way Donald Trump got his wealth was through family and being born at the right time it wasn’t because he was smart.

If the wealthy would give money to the poor or crippled they just might become healthy again and be able to help the wealthy get wealthier.  However, no one who is wealthy understands that.

The wealthy only wants power and what they don’t realize is that the wealthy is only a very few compared to the poor.

Where money is concerned, we will always have the poor, the middle class and the wealthy.  That is how money works and why civilizations always fail.   We have seen that throughout time.

It will happen to us.

We need to learn to trust each other and not to be insecure.  We need to learn to know that if we give all we have to someone who needs it that we will get help from someone else.

We’ve forgotten that we need to treat others as we would others to treat ourselves.

Commandment #7

The Internet

I think the internet is the best thing that ever happen to us.  Eventually because of how it was created will lead us to new universes that we can explore and to live on.  It’s made out of the same technology that we use for space travel already.  However, it’s full of crime and hatred for each other as well, it’s a way to become more united with each other.  It’s also a way to be independent of each other.  How long can you stare into a computer?

We have to learn the difference and stop the people who wish nothing but to hurt us.

It should be a crime to bully people on the internet.  I know to use the internet we are adults however bullying is extremely cruel and very offensive and personal.

We also have to stop hacking.  What happen to Hillary could have been a form of bullying and the interpreter could have been her openant.

We have to learn to respect and protect our dignity on the internet.  Emails should be private.

The internet is great but at the same time it is putting us out of business.  Stores can no longer compete and when that happens the wealthier just become wealthier and that will never wind up being a good thing.  Soon we won’t be able to find jobs to buy the things we need on line.

It’s a vicious circle which we need to find some serious control before it becomes too late.

Soon there won’t be any jobs to have thanks to the internet.

Are we going to allow that to happen?

Commandment #8


I believe that woman should have the right to decide.  However, she should have counseling to see if it really is the right decision.  Abortions should be taken very seriously.  So should sex.  Even though sex is very essential for proper health which is something I have trouble understanding but seems to be accurate.  It’s also very risky business.  There are many concerns and risks involved that need to be discussed privately with their primary doctors if possible.

At the same time with sex there are many variations of it with the opposite sex.  As long as both party’s consent, that they are healthy and protect themselves no one should object to it and if they do it should be a crime.  Even though I don’t understand marriage with the same gender I respect their decisions and should be given the same consideration as others.

I support abortion and same sex marriage as long as all party’s involved have a chance to discuss things openly and it’s done for love and respect for one another.  They should be treated equally at that point.

Commandment #9


I believe in God and I believe that the people have the right to choose in their own God no matter what their religion is.  Even if it’s heaven or hell we don’t have the right to prosecute on those grounds.

However, what I hope to see happen one day is that we can all unit in one place, one structure and stand side by side with each other and pray to whomever we chose and we will respect that person’s decision to do so.

Commandment #10

A Free Society

I want to work with our country so that we are all working together for a common goal.  That number one goal should be that of survival.  That we learn to share everything that we have with each other.  That it doesn’t matter who we are that we we’re all created equal and everyone understood that.

That there is no such thing as money, nor wealth and we we’re all equal.

I know that isn’t possible however if we work together with a few simple ideas we can make that happen.  I have faith in the human race otherwise I wouldn’t be trying to run for President or writing like this.

I care about our country and I understand that money is the route of evil.  We think that most of us are going to heaven but the truth of the matter is that we are all probably going to go to hell unless we change our ways.

Hopefully you will see that what I am speaking is the truth.  I don’t expect you to understand it at this point however I believe you understand it to be correct.

I will be outlining some of the ways we can change if we really want to.

I hope you will listen.  They are the ten commandments that we have forgotten I have just changed them so that we can all understand.