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What Really Matters

My friend and my Guardian Angel

We all need something to believe in and this is his Guardian Angel that is teaching him about our country.

Learn more about his friend by listening to his speeches and with Evanston Community  TV


Would You Like A Worry Free Future?

By believing in his friends you to can  experience a worry free future and excellent health.

The picture you see is a band aid that he pulled out from his foot after one of his meditation sessions.  Since then his health has improved immensely .

About Us

We are an organization in search of the truth. We believe that we are running this country backwards.  The evidence is clear and if we don’t speak out to try to change we will surely die as a race and as a country.

Ask yourself this question are you happy?  Do you even understand how much you are working just to maintain a living?

When businesses becomes a monopoly that is never a very good idea.  Our Government is a monopoly that we don’t understand or know how to correct.

We are here to put an end to that now.  We have to learn to take care of our own lives and to live together as one family.

We can’t let Government to take complete control.


Why I should be the next Governor?
I started my career as a delivery person for a well known local restaurant. I did that for almost a decade before going to work for a well-known cab company for 13 years and moonlighting for a messenger service. I started with lyft to see what it was like and then moved full time to Uber as it better fit my needs. I am making good money and the system seems to work very nicely.
I feel my experience with people through driving gives me the experience I need to become Governor. I have driven close to 3 million miles and have spent 100,000+ hours talking to people. I can talk to them on their level and have spent countless hours with the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy. I have spent enough time to realize that even though we all have different needs, we all want the same thing. But don’t feel like we can make a difference.
I know I can represent the people and I’ll prove it.
This is an ad or commercial I wish to provide for uber.

Hello, I am the new CEO with Uber. We’re all about focusing on your satisfaction as a customer. And so, we’re helping our staff become more honest and sincere to help our employees grow and prosper.

By working with us, you will experience more freedom and at the same time you will improve your social media skills. You will learn how to deal with all kinds of people from all around the world.

It’s a fun and exciting job! We have all kinds of people working for us. Doctors, Lawyers, therapists and more. Plus, we even have one person running for write in Governor.

As a highly respectable organization you would have the support of our entire team. And if you are a highly motivated person who works well with people we want you.

Who knows what potentials you can reach. What contacts you can develop!

It’s an easy quick process to sign up and only takes a week. All you need is a nice clean car that is within ten years.

I promise you that you will enjoy working with us. By working together we can make this world a safer place to be.