Discussing The Issues

Discussing the issues.

I went to Hillary Clintons website so I could learn what everyone wants to hear.

What are the real issues?

To me the real issues are only logic that people want to hear.  Like gun laws and higher wages and better jobs.

Of course violence and death should never happen, we all think we should have better jobs.  Like Donald Trump stated that we think so much of ourselves that we feel we should never take out the garbage.  Let that job go to our children.  We never want to mow the lawn or shovel our drive ways because it’s too much work.

Why not let the poor do it.  The poor in my opinion are the wealthiest people in our country.  They have to work together just to survive.  The more money you have the fewer friends you will have and the less you will understand about cooperation and logic because you have to have it your own way.  The poor should be honored and not laughed at.

Donald Trump laughed at the poor because he stated let the immigrants do the work that we don’t want to do because they do.

They don’t want to do it but they understand that they have to do it.  They are at least trying and we are not.

However,  I will go through the boring task of informing you of the logic that we have all forgotten and I will voice my opinion on all the important matters here on earth.