The world was created in 7 days.  DONALD TRUMP will destroy the world in five.

He wants to deport 3 million illegal immigrants immediately.  How is that to be done without losing lives? HE WANTS TO CHANGE OVER NIGHT AND THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!

To do it properly that will take years not days.  They will strike back.

Bernie Sanders wants to unite the world and work together as a family.

He is on the right track and means well however, I believe we need to take it one more step.

We are addicted to money, we are slaves to money, we went from freeing slavery to organized slavery.

What would happen if everyone became millionaires?   Why would anyone work?  We would be forced into working together like we should.

Because of that no one can ever be happy.  With money, we will always have the poor, the middle class and the wealthy.  If the separation becomes too great, we will go to war.  If the poor wins then they will become wealthy and the cycle will start over again.

DONALD TRUMP has showed that this is reality.



We begin by changing the world not just our country.  We work together hand in hand with our neighbors but not just our neighbors next door but our neighbors world wide. It begins by changing us.

In the beginning congress was formed and they taught us everything we needed to know except for how to survive on our own or with each other.  They taught us that money was the most important aspect of life and that without it we will surely die.  They taught us independence and greed.

They convinced us that the only way to survive is to have leaders in control of our finances to do that they paid us with a check each week with deductions taken out.  Then through time they realized how much power and control they really do have over us.

Now we are forced into anything that they decide we will never change because they have control of our money.

It’s only human nature to become greedy.  We are so greedy as a whole that we will never give anything up because once we do we will never get it back.

Don’t you think congress is the same way.

The way we defeat congress is to show them that we don’t need them.  It will take a lot of courage on your part but that is what is needed if we are ever going to unite and become one.

Because Donald Trump got elected you have seen the truth now we have to act on it peacefully and intelligently if we are going to survive.  It won’t be easy but we need to start changing now before it’s too late.

That is what we are fighting for.  I care for this country and I understand that change is necessary, do you?

We are the wealthiest, richest nation on the face of this world it’s time we start acting that we are and showing the world that caring for people no matter who they are is far more valuable than money itself.  When do we begin?

Thank you.