How We Can Dismantle Congress.

How We Can Dismantle Congress.

The world was created in 7 days, according to myth.
Our new President can destroy it in less than 7 days.
I wish to stop that from happening.

However, I can’t do that without your help. We need each other now more than ever now. We need to work together to make that happen. We need our support, our time, and what I hate the most is our money because we believe that money can change the world.

I am just one person who wishes to change the world one step at a time. The only problem I have is that I have social anxiety disorder and I am afraid of people. I have very little chance without your help.

I have a lot of great ideas floating around in my head but without your support will go to waste and that would be very sad indeed.
I started out as a pizza delivery person, then I drove a cab for over 20 years and now I am a uber driver and I am proud of it. Over time I have talked to thousands of people for a good length of time.
I understand about people and how to communicate to them. I practice the fine art of meditation and I understand myself very well, almost too well.

People will do only that what makes them happy for the majority at least. In the United States, we will take advantage of every situation.

We forget that Politicians are human beings too. Once they get into office, even with the best intentions, they will fail. They have been taught never to come to a conclusion and that it has to be their idea.

They are so used to bickering back and forth that they don’t realize that they are doing it. It’s not their fault, it’s our fault.
We feel that there isn’t anything we can do about it so we believe that. We’ve been thinking that so long it has been a routine for us and we don’t understand or think we can change. So we don’t even try.

What would happen if next election we donate 100 million dollars to the next Governer of Illinois. He or she would have to spend it accordingly.

Since money rules this country this is what would happen.

1. More people would try to run. This would create more honest people trying with new ideas.
2. The candidates would have to prove themselves to be honest and trustworthy.
3. The people would be a lot more careful who they would elect. They wouldn’t want the money to go to waste.
4. We most likely wouldn’t be listening to all the stupid commercials.

I think that is a great idea but if it is to succeed you need to participate in it. Which means your time and the thing you love the most, your money. We can’t succeed without a lot of pain and suffering and sacrificing the things we love the most. It’s sad but most often true.

This is the way the money would be spent.

1. I believe it’s important to stop the violence now and to do it through controlling gun violence. However, force is never the answer.

This is how I suggest we help stop the violence through education. Instead of offering merely small amounts of money for turning in weapons. We do this. For each gun or information where guns are or drugs are we offer that person an education and a job after he or she completes their education.

The person will serve the time in jail while doing so. Once they graduate, they will be released with no record. For anyone serving time now for nonviolent crimes if they went through the training programs and graduate the same thing would happen to them. It would be like they never served time.

To allow this to take place, 25 percent of donations would go to pay to hire teachers and to provide better services to those in prison.
I believe that no one is to be completely blamed for there crimes. For the most part they are just trying to survive the best they can. If they do commit crimes, it’s usually because we don’t give them enough attention and because of that they become ill. We need to help them get better.

2. I wish to help the homeless. We would help retrain them and if they want to participate, we would rebuild this city and repair all the buildings that we can. The ones who help would be able to live in the homes they repair free of charge.

To accomplish this, we will donate 25 percent of the donations.
3. I am 60 years old and I never took care of my teeth. That was my mistake and I am now paying the price for it. For the next several years, since I can’t afford to pay the 50,000 dollars it cost to fix them, will be in extreme pain and discomfort for the next several years. Other countries have much better dentists and lower costs.

For me to fix my teeth, I will probably be forced to leave this country. Something I don’t want to do. What the money would be spent for is to train our dentists. Then create facilities for those dentists to be able to help anyone who needs the work. They wouldn’t have to pay for anything.

We would use 25% of the money to accomplish these tasks.

4. The remaining 25% will go for better health care and to force health care providers to show proof of cost. We are in last place with health insurance and that is because we care about money beyond our own health. It’s time we re consider our selves and become human beings again.

We forget that we will sooner or later grow old and we will sooner or later need the help that I have suggested.

By giving 25 dollars, 50 dollars a 100 dollars. Perhaps 10%, 20%, or even 30% of your income. Is that worth your life? Is that worth not having to worry about retirement?
I think so!!!

We can’t have money control our lives. When we give to help others it will help us all.

Don’t you think a little suffering now is worth helping man kind survive for the future.

It’s your choice now please make it the right one and give what you can. Every little bit will help. You would be surprised.
Thank you