My research concludes that through history that no President has ever fulfilled all their promises.  In fact, most Presidents have failed miserably sometimes not accomplishing anything at all.  This country has been going downhill and only the wealthy has been succeeding with a comfortably life.

This will eventually wind up with another civil war when the separation becomes to great the poor will strike back.  We have seen this with many different countries throughout time.

What we don’t realize is that the President can’t really do much at all.

The only way we can unit this country is by standing up to congress.

At the moment, we feel that it’s a criminal act to protest.

My number one promise will to allow peaceful demonstrations.  In fact, I will order it to take place.  I will get involved with the public and organize ways to strike back at congress and hit them where it hurts.

We have to realize that we have to get involved and I will reward anyone who tries.

My number one promise will to get people to participate more because I am only one even if I become President.  Congress can always ignore that one person no matter who they might be.  However, they can’t ignore the entire population of our country.  If we all get involved they will have to listen.

That is my number one goal is to get people to participate.  I will also make a promise to get at the truth and to inform you of the truth whenever possible.