Your honor or Mr. President I wish to offer the only way we can fix this country however, before I do I would like to explain in brief how I feel about our beloved land.

You expect me to say that I love my country with all my heart and I will defend it with my life.  However, your honor I can not say that with complete confidence.  I do love our country with all my heart however, I hate and despise in general the people living in this country.  I love people and I love this country with all my heart and I would gladly lay down my life to defend my country which I have already done without reputation.

I hate this country because what we are slowly turning into, we are so full of greed and hatred towards one another we have lost touch with reality.  We are at war with each other without realizing it.  I think I would rather live with ISIS military rather than live in this country.  At least they are honest and treat each other more like family than we do.   I respect our country to much to betray it and even though I believe we are worse than ISIS  I believe we still have hope where there is no hope for ISIS since they are no longer rational.  However, will we soon follow.  I am here in hopes that we do not.

We cared for our children and we raised them the way Congress wanted us to.  We love our parents very much and respect them so when they grow old and helpless we take care of them.  However once we graduate High School or perhaps College we are taught to be independent.  So independent that we are actually at war with each other.  We compete with each other so much that we don’t realize that we are destroying not only our best friends but ourselves as well.

We are at war with each other without even realizing it.  All we care about is ourselves.  We are so protective that if I ask for money or help within my own family that they are not even willing to openly discuss their financial matters with me.  They think it’s private even within family when with family there should never be any secrets.

We are at war not only with ourselves but with each other so much that we don’t realize what we are doing to the community.  We don’t realize that we are killing of the very poor and that they are slowly dying of starvation.  We care only about ourselves.

When the poor finally die of, then the middle class will become the poor,  then they too will slowly die leaving only the wealthy.

Then they will become so wealthy no one will want to do any work at all and nothing will get done and they will end up fighting among themselves till they too will slowly die.

It’s guaranteed that one day we will be destroyed by an asteroid.  That is absolute it will happen however when that will be who knows.  It could happen today it could happen tomorrow or perhaps not in our life time however it will take place.

It’s the same thing with our society I believe that we will destroy each other before that asteroid will hit us.  When will that happen once again who knows.  However, I believe I have the correct solution to make sure that we will survive.

However for us to survive we all have to work together In  harmony and in peace with each other to make that happen.  When using money as a goal to survive that will never happen we are all to greedy as a race to ever give in to helping another person.

To change this country, we have to give into greed and learn to let go and want to help the poor otherwise this country will never change.

I have grown to realize that we have been off the gold standard for a long time.  I had to do a lot of research to find that out.  My sister said that we we’re no longer on it and of course I respected that.

However, she stated since she knew that everyone knew that we we’re on the fiat system.  I started asking my friends and customers, some didn’t even know what the gold system was.  Some didn’t know and some wasn’t sure and finally some had to think about it for a while.  I am talking about college educated people as well.

I think Congress has been fooling people so long that they might even be fooling themselves.  It does appear to me  that the media wishes to pretend that we have money and that we are working on some kind of logical system.

The true fact is if we are working on a system even I don’t understand it.  To me there is no more money and for the most part it’s just numbers on a computer system somewhere.  The sooner we realize that the better.

The system we are using is considered to be the fiat system what that system is no one really knows.

What it means in my opinion is that Congress has the right to say how much money that they can print up.  Would any of us know the difference if Congress decided to give each one of their own a million dollars or put a 100 million dollars into our system.  I don’t think so I know that I wouldn’t know the difference so probably you wouldn’t either.

If we are not using gold and just a number system how do we deal with other country’s.  We could buy our automobiles from another country and just print worthless money to pay them they would never know the difference.

This is why I hate this country.  People are so stupid that they don’t really understand what they are working for or fighting for.

Now after hearing my statements about how I feel about this country I wish to offer several solutions that make complete sense to all our problems.  However, like I stated before for my ideas to work we all have to give in a little and work together to have a country we can be proud of.

What we need to work on first is to end inflation and to try to lower our economy so we can return to the gold system.  If we can let go of our greed and understand that our money is actually worthless our standard of living doesn’t have to change to do that.

I know the word taxes is a dirty word that we we’re taught never to pay taxes and to learn how to discredit the government so that if we could we wouldn’t have to pay any taxes.

The way to stop inflation is to tax all products in our country.  However, we would not tax the consumer however, we would tax the seller.  We would tax the seller if they ever raised their prices at all.  We would tax them or penalize them so much that they wouldn’t be willing to raise their prices.

Then we would reward any seller that wishes to lower their prices.  It would be enough so that it would make sense to do so for the seller.

In this way over time we should enter a price war that will lower the cost of living so that we could go back on the gold system

Inflation or deflation is all relative if we all do it together everything would be equal and the same but it would appear to be a better system.

It should make it so that we will all want to work together like human beings.  That should be a final goal.

The next thing I would like to do is eliminate paying for health Insurance.  It should be free for all after all we didn’t have the choice to be born why are some of us punished for it.

What we would do is tax everyone 10 or 15% of their income.  If you don’t pay taxes then the same insurance would be free.

I know what you are saying why should the wealthy pay for the poor.

In my opinion if you don’t wish to help your fellow neighbor when they need it you are not the kind of person we want supporting this country to begin with.

We should want to help the poor so the system is not only fair but the only way we should be living as a society.

The next thing everyone is complaining about is illegal immigrants coming into our country and stealing our jobs.

The simple way to eliminate that problem is to eliminate the jobs.  The way we do that is for all minimum wage jobs we make the employers not have to pay them.  That the wages would be controlled and paid by the government.

We are already paying every citizen who can’t work for whatever reasons between 6 – 12,000 dollars a year.  What I suggest we do is to give everyone 20,000 dollars a year.  To get the 20,000 you would have to either work, prove that you can’t work or prove that you are at least looking for work.  You can’t just sit still and take the 20,000 without at least trying to find a job.

In this way if the illegal immigrants come in looking for work they could work but they wouldn’t be able to get paid.  This would keep everyone in their place and happy.

Once again to make any system work we have to want it to work and to work hard to make it work.  We need to learn and speak out and work together.  We can no longer let congress control our lives.  We need to work as one happy family or we will surely die.  That isn’t my opinion but a fact of life.  Any society will surely die sooner or later if they don’t learn to work together in peace.  We are clearly not that society.  Just look at how congress treats each other.  Are we any different?

Thank you