Ten minutes with Congress

My Ten Minutes with Congress

Your honor or Mr. President, I am just a poor lonely independent contractor.  I used to have to work over 80 hours a week just to go broke.  Is my case unique? By no means, in fact most of our citizens are the same way.

Why is everyone like this? I believe it’s because of Congress.  It’s because we were taught by Congress over generations.

From the beginning, we were taught to be independent.  Our parents told us that we have to work hard, find a nice girl friend somewhere, get married and raise children.  We were taught that money means everything and we have to work very hard, because once we lose it, we can never get it back.  We were taught to be so independent of others that to ask for help is degrading, and that we would rather be homeless than to ask for help.  We would rather beg on street corners than to actually work with others.

In the beginning, as children. we would play together and not worry about financial matters.  we left that up to our parents.  When we got into High School, we were very carefully guided that we had to be independent and that money meant everything.  That we have to compete very hard for it and to take every advantage possible.  You had to push hard and show force you could have friends but not in business.  You would learn how to take advantage of people.  You would lower prices to force your friends out of business.  Nothing would be too low for you to try.

To be a successful business person the more dishonest you are the further you will go.

All you have to do to see if I am right is to drive down your local street.  What do you see?  Somewhere on every street corner you will see the homeless, people begging on the streets.

You see chains of grocery stores but has anyone merged with each other.  No, they haven’t they would prefer to go bankrupt and put people out of work rather than to ask forgiveness and help from another competing store.

Look at our President he has no idea how to communicate to people.  His idea is to bully people and scare people into believing him.  Has he asked anyone to join him or ask for help or advice.  I don’t believe he has.  Most people are extremely disturbed by him.  People are starting to rally together however they too have been independent so long that they don’t understand how to work together.  What I find to be sad is company’s like Salvation Army and others, who are none profit and wish to help are still very independent of each other.  Don’t get me wrong they are doing excellent work and helping anyone who wishes help.  However, it would be better if they worked with others rather than just their own company.  In my opinion there should be only one organization to help the needy and the needy should never feel ashamed to ask for help.

I used to drive a cab for a living your honor and to do that job for a decent living you had to provide for your own clients and work 16 hours a day.  It was a game for them to see who could get more.  They could care less that by doing so they had to steel from the cab company who was ok with this or to steel from their co-workers.  They could care less all they were interested was themselves.  So soon they would get so many orders the company couldn’t handle new drivers.

When I tried to explain this to them that they were stealing I couldn’t no matter how I did.  I told them that it would be better to have partners that eventually they would do better all they did was laugh at me.

What I really want to talk about is Health Insurance and why Congress can’t reach an agreement.

They can’t reach an agreement because we no longer have any money to fix this country let alone to fix health insurance.

Congress understands this and the reason they can’t settle on a suitable arrangement is because then they would have to come up with the numbers and no system will work unless the wealthy wishes to give up their cash to the poor.  They will never want to lose they only know how to take.

The bottom line is that everyone is entitled to have food, shelter and health care.  That should be free for all.  Doctors and hospitals should wish to provide free access however what do they do but to charge extremely high prices for medication and other things.  They do this because of health insurance.  If no one had health insurance perhaps then everything would be more affordable.

The only doctors we should have the only hospitals we should have are the ones who want to help.

We are so independent of each other businesses will always try to take advantage.  We need to set guide lines with business to operate with each other rather than against each other.

It’s a sad country when we compete with each other for our own health when we don’t realize that we will all grow old and we will need those services sooner or later.

The next statement I wish to make will be a short one.  I want to see my money.  We were told that money is based on gold.  If that is true, I wish to see my money in gold but not only my money in gold but every ones money in gold.  It is the right of every us citizen to be able to see that after all we work very hard to see the truth.  If there is no gold which we have been told but no one wishes to believe that then Congress needs to explain what system, we have.  In my opinion money should be based on something or it’s worthless.  In my opinion there is no such thing as money only numbers and the numbers are there only for control.

Congress has been carefully lying and trying to fool us telling us that we have enough gold to pay everyone.  People have forgotten that we are off the gold standard and needs to be reminded again.

Well time has come I want to see what I am fighting for.  We are no longer fooled however we are so independent of each other we don’t know what to do about it.  We are all waiting for each other to react and Congress is hoping that will never happen.

What Donald Trump has showed us that now is the time to act.  We will soon learn that money is of no value any more.  Hopefully we will learn to understand that we need to learn to work with people that it’s better to love one another rather to steel from one another.

Times are changing we need to change.  We need to act like adults and stop playing these childish games.


Closing statement

The reason health insurance is so expensive is because we have it to begin with.  Insurance companies and hospitals are Inco hurts with each other.  They could care less with the health of this country.  All they care about is getting wealthy with each other.  They have realized that one can raise their prices knowing that the insurance will cover it.  Then the insurance companies will raise their prices knowing the people have no choice and Congress won’t stop it because that is how the game is being played.

I propose that this must stop and stop now.  We should eliminate health insurance completely.  Instead of health insurance being controlled by companies our government will control  it.  It will be free for all however our taxes will go up by 10%.  If you don’t pay any taxes you won’t have to pay for health insurance it.  Government will stop all price wars to stop inflation.

We all grow old and sooner or later we will all need medical help.  We have to stop the greed and start caring for one another.

Everyone has to realize that we are off the gold standard, we have to realize that the only system we are on is what Congress decides for us.

We are like children who has to obey our parents on what we can buy and when.  The sad part is that we are to independent to do anything about it.

Congress states that if we print too much money we will have inflation and if inflation happens everything is worthless.  Inflation happens anyway.

How do we know that Congress isn’t printing as much money as they want for themselves?  Would you be able to recognize how much money is being printed and where it is being distributed?

The next thing we need to recognize is that a balloon will always reach it’s limit just before it explodes.  If you keep making the balloon bigger by putting hot air in it eventually it will burst.

You can only make so much money before the economy will eventually explode like a balloon.

If you don’t have the strength to blow up your own balloon, then eventually the balloon will slowly die.

I am not strong enough to blow up my balloon for now.  However, I might be strong enough to find a pin to explode your balloon.

Thank you that’s all I have to say for now.